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What are Diplomatic and Official Indian Passports? What to Choose in Passport Application for “Have you ever held/hold any diplomatic/official Passport”?

Diplomatic Passports


Diplomatic Passport are issued to Govt. servants who are serving abroad in the diplomatic missions of India like Embassies and Consulates, these consists of IFS (Indian Foreign Service) Officers and other staff. Diplomatic passports are issued under the Vienna convention. They provide diplomatic immunity and other advantages to the holder.


Official Passports


Official passports are issued to people deputed by the Government of India for official duty abroad. These Passports are usually issued to Govt. Officers serving in departments other than Indian Foreign Service, going on Official trips for Govt. purposes abroad. This passport isn’t used for personal travel, only for official travel.


Passport Application Question: Have you ever held/hold any diplomatic/official passport?


When you are filling the Passport Application form, this question must be answered. The answer is “No” for most people, but if you are a govt. employee or have been issued a diplomatic or official Passport for Govt. work abroad, it is mandatory to fill “Yes”.


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