Step 6: Procedure at PSK



Step 6.1: Walk-In with “ARN‟ Category acceptance:


Take printout of Application Reference Number (ARN) and visit the PSK at the given appointment Date/Time along with a copy of the printed ARN. You get an entry into the office once your ARN is accepted.


Step 6.2: Pre Verification Counters/Token Issuance Counters:


At the pre-verification area the documents are checked by the staff and a token is issued. Now you can proceed to a comfortable Waiting Lounge and wait for your token number to appear on one of the electronic displays. When your token number is displayed, proceed to the stage one, Processing Counter.


Note: Applicants who, despite appointment, have been “refused token” due to no availability of required set of documents can revisit the same PSK as “Walk-IN”, within next 3 working days from the date of appointment and as per the time mentioned in the appointment slip. On -line appointment is not mandatory for these applicants.


Step 6.3: Processing Counters at “A‟ Level :


At this counter your demographic data is verified by citizen service executive. Your documents will be scanned at this counter, biometric scanning, and a photo will be clicked which will be displayed on your passport. You can now proceed to next stage, Application Verification Zone


Step 6.4: Verification Officers Counters at “B‟ Level :


At this counter, officials from the passport office verify your documents for authenticity and completeness. Once the verification process is completed, you will have to wait in the waiting area of the granting zone.


Step 6.5: Granting Officers Counters at “C‟ Level :


When your token number appears on the electronic display, you will meet the granting officer who will check  your application in the system for duplicity and other background information. The officer may ask you a few simple questions like your profession, etc and then he takes decision of granting of passport to you.


Step 6.6: Acceptance Letter:


If the granting officer decides to grant you the passport, you will receive a letter confirming your passport approval at the exit counter.



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